Books by Lorie Ann Grover

Books by Lorie Ann Grover
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

MINX Discontinued?

Are you kidding me? I just got a tip from GuysLitWire, Colleen Mondor, to read The Plain Janes and Janes in Love for rgz. I do and they are awesome graphic novels for teens. I'm psyched to get ahold of Cecil Castellucci and invite her to be a feature author for readergirlz. We've been looking for the right graphic novels for the group. Here they are. Tada!

And then rgz diva HOLLY CUPALA tells me they discontinued the graphic line, MINX. WHAT? The publisher of The Plain Janes.

So I found this link this morning from PW The Beat:

"Over at CBR, Andy Khouri reports that DC has canceled the Minx line, the much-talked-about line of GNs aimed at the female YA market, launched with much fanfare last year...CBR News was told that Random House, DC’s book trade distributor, has not been able to successfully place MINX titles in the coveted young adult sections of bookstores like Barnes & Noble."

Are you kidding me? They expected teen girls to find this amazing imprint for them in the graphic novel section? Not YA? And is two years really long enough to test the success? The works received star reviews!

Here's Cecil's announcement.

The PW post says that now the books are creeping over to the teen sections, but it's too late, right? This is just sadness. Cecil, rgz loves these works. Can anyone tell me if they'd still be available next summer for our girlz?

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