Books by Lorie Ann Grover

Books by Lorie Ann Grover
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Monday, March 2, 2009

My Thoughts and Reactions to Tender Morsels

I saw Tender Morsels on the Printz Honor list. I heard warnings about the content. But I also am familiar with Margo's work and knew I had to read it.

Warnings for sexual content and violence are warranted, but I'm so glad this book received a reward and recognition. I was aware of the pacing in a few points, and a couple of characters ring so good, I would have liked to see them with a few faults. HOWEVER, those are such small points in the context of this weighty work.

What I found so compelling were the themes and questions:
* Is it good and right to cloister a child or yourself?
* What are the benefits and damages?
* How does one forgive?
* Revenge is all too sweet.
* Oh, the grief we women experience as we age and lose traditional beauty.
* Oh, the sacrifice we mothers make for our children.

I finished reading this book in the presence of friends who were laughing at my reactions: squeals of wicked glee to tears for truth. And I wouldn't tell them about it all! I did say, "This author is my age. I know it. I know it by the themes." Sure enough. We are only 4 years apart.

This book reached my heart. I'm thankful I chose to brave the violence to find the sweetness and truth that I won't ever forget. Thank you, Margo and Alfred A. Knopf!


Jackie Parker said...

I will never forget watching you finish this book. I seriously spent thirty minutes watching her read the last bit- she was PHYSICALLY affected by the text. It was awesome.

Sherry said...

Okay, you've hooked me. Off to search for this...

Georgia said...

Now I will have to check this out :)


Kelly Polark said...

Thanks for the recommendation for this book. From what you've written, it sounds like an emotional read!