Books by Lorie Ann Grover

Books by Lorie Ann Grover
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Monday, May 15, 2017

Dry Eyes: Solutions, Part One

I've found help, so I'm going to share the steps of care for others living with dry eyes, maybe from Lupus and Sjogren's like me. There's hope. Look!

I've been housebound for weeks as my dry eyes flared. My must-haves: portable humidifiers, safety goggles, preservative free eye drops, and Lacrisert eye inserts. The latter didn't work for me due to side effects. (The same for Restasis and Xidra.) There have been periods where I have no sight.


Thanks to my rheumatologist, I've found the west coast expert on dry eyes. And he wears bow ties. He's over an hour north, but treatment has begun. I'll post as we work through the stages. First are bandages for my eyes! Bandage Soft Contact Lenses protect the cornea.

These have been fantastic. I only need goggles to ride in the car, and I may be able to resume driving. My only difficulty is extracting them nightly. They adhere like decals. I'm researching techniques to make it easier than working at it for an hour each evening.

Next up will be autologous serum. They will make eye drops from my blood! More soon. But for now, I see you! Back to writing...