Books by Lorie Ann Grover

Books by Lorie Ann Grover
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Celebrating with James Bond and M

So how does a rgz diva celebrate the completion of TBD '09? By hanging with a girlfriend and watching:

And then, watching it the next night with her b-day husband and fam. The grandmas were squealing. Honestly.

But I tell you, my hero is M!

Thanks to the creators for giving us an older, powerful, female character! She trusts her agent. :~) Brava, Judi!

Favorite quotes:

M: When someone says that they have people everywhere, you expect it to be hyperbole. Lots of people say that. Florists use that expression. It doesn't mean that they have people in the bloody room.

Camille: So, what's your interest in Greene?
James Bond: Among other things, he tried to kill a friend of mine.
Camille: A woman?
James Bond: Yes. But it's not what you think.
Camille: Your mother?
James Bond: She likes to think so.

1 comment:

Beth Kephart said...

I do like that Dame.

Very much.

And my son would have liked to have been in your presence. Bond being my son's Specialty.