Books by Lorie Ann Grover

Books by Lorie Ann Grover
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To Be Heard: Attending Doc NYC '10

To Be Heard

Doc NYC Documentary Film Festival, runs November 3-9.

Okay, I'm basically running around the room in excitement! Let me back up. A few months ago, Justina Chen kindly invited me to go with her to screen a documentary and add my two cents to the review process.

To Be Heard was amazing, and I had so much fun discussing the work with the gathered screeners. Justina and I represented the YA lit field. We got to answer questions, give our feedback, and share our impressions. It felt very much like a book critique gathering, actually. And what a film To Be Heard is! So truthful and hopeful. You will cheer when you see this genuine work. You will engage with these passionate young people, be wowed by their poetry, and applaud their altruistic instructors.

Pretty soon, I was emailing one of the directors, Roland Legiardi-Laura, exchanging thoughts. And now! Jim Angelo and his beautiful wife Jill, the producers, have invited Justina and me to the NYC premiere at Doc NYC!

In the meantime, this awesome review was just released. Here's an excerpt:

"These authentic sequences leave a real dent in the heart because they are so genuine; a great example of good documentary film-making....One of the surprise hits of DOC-NY." [A-]

Fabulous, right? Woohoo! I'll be sure to post pictures. More soon!


holly cupala said...

How exciting!! It looks fantastic. Hooray!

Erin said...

SO exciting. And I can't wait to see the documentary for myself!