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Books by Lorie Ann Grover
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dinner en Blanc, Seattle, 2011

Imagine, a secret dinner invitation, details to follow. Cooking a few exquisite dishes. Dressing head to toe in white. Heading to Seattle and having the final destination texted to you at the last moment. 

Imagine arriving at a public park with 250 other guests you didn't know were invited, all dressed in white, as well.You meet the lead host and hostess as they welcome everyone. Tables, linens, crystal, and china are arranged. Candles and luminarias are lit. The wandering accordion player and a band fill the pink air with music as the sun sets over the city.

This was the first annual Dinner en Blanc.The Puget Sound Business Journal called it an "Elegant flash mob." Our affair September 5th, 2011, was a tribute to the Parisian tradition.
photo by Martha Brockenbrough

Thanks to Justina Chen, Dave and I were invited to enjoy a table among the sea of white. We were joined by Martha Brockenbrough and her husband Adam, and Justina's dear friend, Derek. It was a magical night, a life memory. 
photo by Martha Brockenbrough 
Justina and Derek

There was intimacy within our little table, while we had a sense of community being part of the expansive whole. The following photos: Justina, Martha, our table, the view to the south, and to the west.


Here is my love of 26 years, Dave Grover, and then the secret location, Gas Works Park. Yes, it was a location in the Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles movie, 10 Things I Hate About You!       
The night concluded with sparklers galore! The event hopes to grow to 1,000 participants in the years to come. A flash mob of grace and beauty. Here's to 2012! 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful.... <3<3 :)

Martha Grover said...

Sounds and looks so romantic...Martha

Jet said...

Stunning and lovely. Walking in grace, to be sure. This is one of those things I find myself wishing I'd been a part of. So glad you were there!

Georgia said...

That is breathtaking! I would have loved to walk around as a photographer and capture some of that magic with my camera. beautiful. <3

Dia Calhoun said...