Books by Lorie Ann Grover

Books by Lorie Ann Grover
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Friday, April 5, 2013

Poetry Friday: 28 Years

28 Years
Calendar pages
collected and stored, our
memories, our life.
Lorie Ann Grover, 2013
Reading Viktor Frankl's, Man's Search for Meaning, I was struck by an illustration he offered. Think of your life as a calendar wherein you tear off a page each day. You have the choice to look at the little that is left of the calendar in your hand or you can store each page in a drawer and dwell on those treasured memories. Lovely, yes?
Here's to 28 years of marriage memories! 


Robyn Hood Black said...

Happy Anniversary and thanks for sharing, Lorie Ann! 28 years for us, too (will be 29 this summer).

Happy Poetry Month, too.

Dia Calhoun said...

A stack of memories--so much better to think about than the decreasing days ahead. Thanks for this.

Ruth said...

Yes, lovely. Happy anniversary!