Books by Lorie Ann Grover

Books by Lorie Ann Grover
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fun Times on the Blink Book Tour, 2014

The Second Leg of the Blink Tour, May 15-17th, 2014: Jill Williamson, Lisa Bergren, Jonathan Friesen, and Lorie Ann Grover

We rocked the tour! It was so much fun hanging with the Blinkites! We got to know each other and a ton of readers. There was swag, there were smiles, there were fan moments and awe as we listened to each other read and teens read to us.

Signing swag and talking to teens, Jill Williamson and Lorie Ann Grover
Shout out to the teen poet at Evergreen Junior High, in Salt Lake City, who left us speechless with her poem. What a privilege to duck into schools and share moments with so many. Whether it was field day, an hour before second lunch, or two weeks till graduation, time was set aside to talk about books.

Preparing to speak at Imagine School of Avondale, Lisa Bergren and Jonathan Friesen

At the Salt Lake Library entrance, Lorie Ann Grover, Lisa Bergren, Jill Williamson, and Jonathan Friesen
The Salt Lake Library wowed us as it soared above our heads. We got to join Bryan Young and his writers’ group, Prose and the Spoken Word, where we were able to read, hear new works from local authors, and meet long time facebook followers. Thanks to King’s English for supporting sales.

We had a scrumptious media luncheon at Aunt Chiladas orchestrated by BookSparks who know how to stage a party. Great fun meeting Literologie and SheKnows in person plus teens and local book club leaders.

The Blink Tour and awesome ladies from BookSparks

At Changing Hands we met with their start up YA Book Club and then spoke with family, friends,writers, and readers. Our parting gifts were awesome as we got to choose anything from the store. Lisa found a shirt with a giant smile on it for Jonathan. When we went outside, we all laughed as a Cheshire cat bloomed in the sun. I got to meet in person, Georgia Cranston, my longtime friend from readergirlz. We’ve known each other online since 2008 when rgz hosted Stephenie Meyer!

Georgia Cranston and Lorie Ann Grover

Tidbit on the Blinkites: The other three were all writing on the down time. I had just turned my revision in for Hit, so was taking a break, noodling my work-in-progress, but they were typing away, Jill aiming for her daily 2,000 words. Amazing.
Heads up to schools across the country: I watched these authors speak and it would be an awesome treat to have them visit your readers. Jonathan, standing 6’5”, delivers his stories with so much emotion and strength. He finds a rhythm like a slam poet. Everyone is moved by his authentic voice. Jill speaks with boundless energy, connecting to the teens on everything from her works, to David Tennant, to Star Wars. She’s infectious. And Lisa stands and speaks with such calm authority, you can see the audience lean in, trusting her insights and encouragements. And then of course I’m up there, my 6’ self under an enormous hat, talking about 300 rejections, gendercide, dreams dying and being reborn. It was a complimentary panel of support and cheer.
So thanks for coming out to meet us on the second leg of the tour. Thanks to those who supported the first half. I’m sure it was just as fun!

With my boots back up on the shelf awaiting the ALA Annual Conference, all the Blink Authors send out  love. Happy reading to everyone. Your next great read is only a blink away! I’m sure of it, because we are all back to writing. Shhhhhhh.


Lisa Tawn Bergren said...

Loved, loved getting to know you, friend. Thanks for the fun recap!

Jill Williamson said...

What a delightful blog post, Lorie Ann! And I love that picture of your boots back on the shelf. So much fun getting to know you all. Hope to see you guys again someday. :-)