Books by Lorie Ann Grover

Books by Lorie Ann Grover
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Monday, August 4, 2008

MSN Twilight Article


Martha Brockenbrough, MSN Cinemama, graciously asked me to do an article with her about Edward. Basically it turned into a very nice knockdown fight. Thankfully, I'm the one getting teen thank yous. :~) And I truly spoke from the heart. I mean, come on. EDWARD IS NOT A COMPLETE PRIG, MARTHA!

Sorry. Just HAD to say that. You can check out the essay of awesome here.

Now, back to Breaking Dawn. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Kudos and congrats on the attention the piece has received!

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Yes! 47 pages of comments at MSN. Woohoo! Thanks, Little Willow!