Books by Lorie Ann Grover

Books by Lorie Ann Grover
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Last First Day

It's back! The day has come. The day I knew would come has come. The day is...the first day of school. *sighs*

I now prepare for the migraine. This year it will be from me banging the trig book against my head.

The sight of this makes me shiver. Yes, the last year of homeschooling begins today. I can't believe it's year 15 of teaching.

So here are El and I in reality:

But we'll make an effort to put on our happy faces. Because I really know, as soon as it ends and she's off to college, I WILL MISS IT! Although you won't catch me doing a few trig problems for fun on my own.

The highlight this year will be the humongous stack of the Norton Anthology of Literature.

Can you say, essay? *laughs maniacally*

Okay, the first bell has rung, and we are off. Well, my poptart has popped at least. Here's to a new school year. The last first day.

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Anonymous said...

Aw, have fun!