Books by Lorie Ann Grover

Books by Lorie Ann Grover
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Monday, September 1, 2008

September rgz Roundtable

Good Enough, Paula Yoo

I participated in rgz postergirl Little Willow's roundtable this month where we discussed Paula Yoo's novel Good Enough. So I get to post it, too. Some differences popped up, but that just makes it all the better, right? Read on and then enter the chatter at the rgz group forum!

Roundtable: Good Enough by Paula Yoo

Paula Yoo's debut novel, Good Enough, was declared great by the readergirlz and chosen to be our selection for September 2008.

In this roundtable discussion, three members of the postergirlz teen lit advisory council plus readergirlz diva Lorie Ann Grover talk about schoolwork, homework, and making families work.

Little Willow: What did you think of Good Enough in general?

Jackie: I thought it was a really fun read. I'm happy that I can give it with confidence to all ages - and that's not common.

LW: I agree, Jackie. It's fun and it's clean, so I have no problem giving the book to middle school readers - though most of the girls I've shared it with have been high schoolers, all of which have told me they can "so relate to Patti," and I quote.

HWM: I enjoyed reading this book and could relate to everything on so many levels.

LW: I loved how the humor came from a very real place. It was a truly funny book because the funny bits felt true. The narrator wasn't a comedienne, and she wasn't TRYING to be funny - she simply was.

HWM: I laughed out loud in a couple places and I teared up too. I love books that get the emotions going.

LW: I think - not only from having read the book, but from speaking to the author about it, too - that Paula wrote Good Enough not to be a cautionary tale (this is what happens when you disobey your parents!) nor a recipe (directions on how to disobey your strict parents!) but instead to be simply real. I feel as though she accomplished that.

Lorie Ann: The voice rang true for me. I could feel Patti's pressure and enjoy her humor so much. I was instantly submerged in the story.

To read the complete roundtable click here.

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