Books by Lorie Ann Grover

Books by Lorie Ann Grover
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Roundtable for A Northern Light

Over at rgz we are getting ready to celebrate Jennifer Donnelly's A Northern Light!

A few postergirlz and rgz divas had a little chat about the wonderful work. Here's an excerpt for you before you shoot over and read the full talk at Little Willow's slayground.

Roundtable for A Northern Light

In 1906, a young woman named Grace Brown lost her life in the Adirondacks. Nearly a hundred years later, Jennifer Donnelly wrote a novel entitled A Northern Light, the story of a girl named Mattie Gokey who was sixteen years old in 1906. Though Mattie and her family are fictitious, their plight is not. As the oldest daughter in the family, Mattie acquired a lot of responsibilities when her mother passed away and her older brother left. When Mattie becomes employed by a lodge on Big Moose Lake, Grace Brown's murder becomes a subplot, but it is never the main focus of the book. This is Mattie's story from start to finish - and what a story it is!

A Northern Light is the January 2009 selection for readergirlz. Seven readergirlz ladies - postergirlz Little Willow, Miss Erin, Shelf Elf, and HipWriterMama, and readergirlz divas Lorie Ann Grover, Melissa Walker, and Holly Cupala - gathered together virtually to discuss the book at length.

Little Willow: What was your basic impression of the book?

Lorie Ann: I was amazed at the plot arrangement and beautiful literary qualities of the work. I knew this would gain notice and awards, and I'm so pleased it did! When we began rgz, I wanted A Northern Light to be featured.

Holly: I loved how every thread contributed toward Mattie's final decision – so beautifully, intricately drawn – and Jennifer shows us the light alongside the dark. Nothing is as it seems. Secrets abound. People have been telling me for a long time to read it, and I'm glad I finally did!

Miss Erin: Same here, Holly - I'd had several people rave about it to me, so at last I picked it up. I thought it was beautifully done, pretty much perfectly written, and a book I can definitely see myself reading multiple times.

HipWriterMama: I loved this book. Mattie reminded me of a gentler and more uncertain Jo March. I liked how Mattie was able to see and "accept" the flaws of her family and friends and want more for them. And, for herself. Beautifully written book with excellent use of plot and supporting characters to show Mattie's growth.

Melissa: The idea of an epic crime as the dark back story for Mattie's coming of age moments really intrigued me from page one.

Shelf Elf: This is the sort of book that made me sigh happily at the end. It felt old-fashioned to me, in a totally satisfying way. It already reads like a classic story.

It certainly does! I'm looking forward to an awesome month with Jennifer. See you at the forum!

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Little Willow said...

Thanks for being a part of this great discussion. You can tell we all enjoyed the book!