Books by Lorie Ann Grover

Books by Lorie Ann Grover
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mitali Perkins Visits Seattle

Okay, before I post the retreat photos, it's back to Mitali Perkin's visit and the celebration of the release of Secret Keeper!

So, the ladies turned out to the Bellevue Barnes & Noble store.

Pictured here: Justina Chen Headley, Mitali Perkins, Jackie Parker, me, Holly Cupala, Sarah Woodard, and Dia Calhoun. Special thanks to Brenda Gurung, the beautiful and passionate, for hosting!

We were only missing our beloved rgz diva Melissa Walker!

It was definitely a day of hugs! It's always a blast to get to hang with Jackie, postergirl for rgz, and author of Interactive Reader blog o' awesomeness.

Mitali's reading and backstory for Secret Keeper was inspiring and beautiful. She spoke of sisters, secrets, and sacrifice. The novel truly has the most amazing sacrifice. A heartbreak for certain!

Then we were off to the Bellevue Library for a writing exercise on creating place. Mitali got us all thinking of how descriptions of place can reveal your characters. Thank you, Darcy Brixey for hosting!

By then, we were all sporting bindis. Here's rgz Sarah with her sister, Elizabeth.

We ended the evening over dinner, sharing stories, talking books, and laughing--a lot. We all have a heart for YA lit, and so we are back to work. Until the next launch that is. Thank you for visiting, Mitali!


holly cupala said...

What a fun visit! You took the most awesome pictures, LA! It's fun to relive through your blog. :)

mbpbooks said...

memories ... light the corners of my mind ... you spoiled me rotten and I am still floating ...

Sherry said...

Yay for celebrating and Yay for those hearts of yours for Young Adult Lit.