Books by Lorie Ann Grover

Books by Lorie Ann Grover
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Wild Wild West

Okay, my friend David Hammermaster always laughs at my cougar concern. But come on! I live in Washington! Wild life abounds.

Just this morning a HUGE possum was trucking it across the next door church's lawn. Holy Possum, Batman! It looked like this one:

I know, like right? And the above mentioned Mr. Hammermaster went jogging past moments later. What little did he know!

Then I drive my daughter to choir, and the radio announces black bear spottings in Ballard. Ballard is a CITY, everyone. A black BEAR.

Then my girls are going hiking later today with a family that keeps an eye out for cougars on their property. COUGARS.

This is the Wild Wild West, so everyone can just stop laughing at me. Do you hear that, Mr. Hammermaster? I say, "Jog a little faster."


Georgia said...


That possum is scary...

I feel I should tell you that I LOVE the first song in your playlist... LOVE it. But then... you knew that already didn't you? ;)

Priya said...

There are no possums, bears, or cougars near my house (thank goodness!), but there are lots of squirrels, deer, and coyotes. Apparently, in my neighborhood there's a coyote which killed and ate someone's dog. :-/

Beth Kephart said...

Oh. Wow.

In theory I would love it.

In reality, I might be a little scared.

holly cupala said...

Yowsa! You can just FEEL the hissing emanating from that possum. Eeek.

It's always amazing to me how much wildlife lives in Seattle. We have a family of five raccoons that I swear just saunter down the street in broad daylight!

Julie Reinhardt said...

I once came home from a trip to find a HUGE possum in my bed. On my pillow. And I think it peed on my pillow. Needless to say that pillow was sent straight to the landfill. Black Bears in Ballard -whoohoo!